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Monday, February 20, 2012


February 19, 2012

In worship to our Lord, I desired so much for His Spirit to flow thru me in a brand new way so as to bless others by the Holy Spirit's workings in me. I was praying , in particular, about receiving inspiration from our Lord's heart in paintings. Also, my heart wanted wisdom in knowing when to speak & when to be harnessed in wisdom. This is what I cried out to Him:

O Holy Inspiration of all beauty
Inspire me~~move my heart and my hands
That I might paint what You desire
And give it all over to You
So as to inspire many others...
That they too, might be
Drawn in the embrace
Of Your loving arms
And satisfy Your longing
For them in all things.

I pray You will harness me in wisdom
Yet let Your Holy Wind blow thru me
To those you have prepared.

Open the eyes of their hearts
To see, really see
Who You are~~
So near~so present~
So caring~so loving...
And embrace You!

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